Last modified: March 18, 2022

1. Contact us

We are going to delete old Google Map and our location Google Map. Edit the page with elementor

Delete the old map by pressing X button article

Add Google Map

Add Google Map to Contact us page by dragging the Google Map elemenet to page. article

Put your Map

Click on edit buttom and left side of page, enter your full address, the map will automatically display your map. You may need to zoom in. article

Finally Update the change in elementor window

2. About us

Add a new post as shown below article

Enter page name and publish it before we go got elementor to edit the page article

Click Edit with #lementor button article

Drag Paragraph icon to page article

You can add Image, Video and many more by simple dragging it to the page and update its content.

Finally add your text and press Update button. article