Last modified: March 23, 2022

Want to send big file via email but can't due to file size. Meet 7-Zip file, a archiver with a high compression ratio.

Step 1 - Download

  • Go to https://www.7-zip.org/

  • Select the file for your computer system (newer PC are 64-bit and older are 31-bit)


Step 2 - Install

  • Double click the file you download


Step 3 - Compress files

  • Select the file(s) and right click

  • You either select Add to Dowload(foldername).zip or Add to archive for more options


  • Make sure you select Zip for Archive format so that receiver can extract even he/she do not have 7-Zip install. You can change Compression level and finally if you wish to protect the file, you can set password so that no-one can open except the person who knows the password.


Step 4 - Extract file

  • Right the file and extract the file as shown below.