Last modified: March 19, 2022

What is PfBlockerNG?

pfBlockerNG is an excellent Free and Open Source package developed for pfSense® software that provides advertisement blocking and malicious content blocking, as well as geo-blocking capabilities.

1. Go to System -> Package Manager -> Available Packages menu

  • Search for pfBlockerNG package
  • We are going to install pfBlockerNG 3.x package
  • Click Install to install the package

pfsense package

Confirm to install pfsense package

pfsense package

Setup complete pfsense package

Now are going to configure it.

2. Go to Firewall -> pfBlockerNG

Click Wizard to start configuring pfBlockerNG pfsense package

pfsense package

pfsense package

Inbound is WAN/Internet and Outbound are LAN/VLANs

pfsense package

I change VIP Address to as default ( conflict with my VLAN pfsense package

pfsense package

It is successfully install, and it run cron job to fetch rules to block pfsense package